Losey Firearms

This is a north star west kit 36" 62cal barrel

 Bumford trade gun 1750 to 1760 This gun has a 42" 20 bore colrain barrel with a davis lock inlet in a cherry stock. 

 This trade gun is based on the Willets northwest gun in the book, For Trade and Treaty it has a 16 ga. 41 1/2" colrain barrel that started out as a 46" swamped barrel. The lock is a unbridled davis lock that has been reshaped.Hand cut pipes and buttplate with a forged triggerguard in a walnut stock.

This wheeler trade gun is a early version 1800 to 1820 it has a reworked l&r lock and a 20 ga. barrel in a walnut stock.
This is a simple fowler/ trade gun that could have been on the early frontier it has a chambers lock 46" 16bore colerain barrel in a ash stock.

early English Trade gun davis lock Colerain barrel

north west trade gun 32" Colerain 20ga. barrel with walnut stock and a l&r lock.
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